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Forever Joanne
A love that never dies. This creamy-white prancer has deep red roses adorning the bridle with a matching sash tied with a shining gold braid. A forest-green blanket and sparkling gemstones complete this timeless beauty.... more

Daniel the Lion
Majestic. Animal skin saddle trimmed with blue gemstones complement his grand imposing mane. At his side, an African warrior has weapon drawn to defend his king.... more

Liberty Belle
To honor America. This "spirited" filly celebrates freedom proudly displaying Old Glory for all to see.... more

Longfellow the Giraffe
Gentle Giant. Beautiful blues and glittering gemstones line his halter and collar. His kindly eyes and long slender neck make him a timeless family favorite.... more

Black Magic
Faraway lands and forbidden mysteries. A bejeweled latticework saddle pad accents this dark prancer. On his saddle ornate patterns of graceful swirls showcase a handsome sword to protect his rider from all harm. You can imagine how his bright white stockings would flash like sparks as he gallops off in the moonlight.... more

Tilly's Billy
Poised to climb to any height. Marvel at his intricately textured fur and energetic pose. Gemstones sparkle on his bridle and breast collar and gleam on the saddle trim.... more

Jeremiah the Frog
Outfitted in Bavarian lederhosen and a jacket that cleverly doubles as his saddle. This dapper gent is leaps and bounds above his competition.... more

Sargasso the Sea Serpent
Mythical creature of the foamy deep. With the mane and tail of silken seaweed-claws, jaws and fiery eyes of the fiercest jungle cat, this fanciful beast sparks the imagination.... more

Boots the Cat
This ginger-haired tabby jumper is poised to pounce on any unsuspecting prey. A big red bow and matching saddle outfit this frisky favorite.... more

A tribute to our First People. This proud mustang prancer sports a gem-encrusted breast collar accented with feathers and Native American-inspired symbols.... more